Jenny Holmlund aka JENNYVEXALA is a conceptual designer and artist blending art and design in her work.

The raw material in JENNYVEXALA’s creations comes from recycled clothing and textiles with elements of leather and mixed media. Despite an urban and contemporary expression, the meticulous craftsmanship and utilisation of traditions serve as an important foundation in Holmlund’s creations. Her small-scale and personal production is characterised by innovative thinking and conscious efforts in respect of ecological and social sustainability.

Jenny Holmlund was born in Vexala in Ostrobothnia. After studying at the Nordic Art School, she studied design at the School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg, the city where she was based for more than 20 years. Last autumn in 2020 she moved back to Finland and now lives in Helsinki.

“The strongest driving force lies in the approach.
The absolute essence and pleasure lies in the construction.

Persistently I´m sketching blueprints.
Organic, geometrical shapes are applied in a rhythmical and structured composition.

Puzzle pieces are added to puzzle pieces. In search of combinations and connections between given points and applied points.
Points turn into lines and surfaces. Layer on layer of geometric patterns take shape.

The geometrical shapes of my jigsaw-puzzle creates a matrix. A system of infinitive possibilities through calculation.
Together idea, perception and action make a whole. A structured concept.

I design allowing material access control.
Recycling of and access to materials imposes restrictions. Boundaries and framework that challenge and stimulate creativity.

By the love of geometry, my tools and traditional work done by hand, I strive to illuminate and illustrate the carefully processed.
Meditatively and intuitively new possibilities are discovered within function, form and expression.”