JENNYVEXALA is my brand. From embryo to final cut.
JENNYVEXALA is the initial encounter with a material: its shape, colour and texture. Journeying to find buttons, buckles and zippers among the meticulously designed and thoroughly crafted.
Finding the functional, well-made and well-worn far from today’s throwaway culture. Exploring materials. Traditional work done by hand. The interplay between form, colour, surface and proportion.
Creating blueprints like jigsaw puzzles. Layered and rhythmical shapes. Cutting, painting and burning patterns into place with a little help from my tailor-made machines.
JENNYVEXALA is deeply rooted in my hometown Vexala in Ostrobothnia, Finland.
The rough uncompromising landscapes of my origin coincide with my taste for urban, minimalist futurism.
JENNYVEXALA is patina, passion and precision.