P S Y C H E D E L I C   S P A C E   C R A F T


Jenny Holmlund a.k.a. JENNYVEXALA is a textile and pattern designer and artist blending crafts and art with a direct commitment to identity, values and cross-border. She was born in Vexala in Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Her work uses waste materials from clothing and textile recycling to produce new garments and objects. Her small-scale and personal production is characterised by innovative thinking and conscious efforts in respect of ecological and social sustainability.

Alongside urban and contemporary expression, meticulous craftsmanship and utilisation of traditions serve as an important foundation in Holmlund’s creations. Her working process consists of intuitive, rhythmical and methodical construction work where the effort to protect creative play is a driving force in itself.

Holmlund’s pattern structure is based on a system similar to a jigsaw puzzle: pieces are added to other pieces; one point connects to another point. Geometric shapes, creatures and beings become prominent as multiple lines form spaces, and layers of paint are applied. Actions nurture other compositions and collaborative projects as a result. Holmlund views her process as similar to constructing a family tree.

The result is a unique design language that can be applied to everything from clothing to accessories for interior design.

After attending at the Nordic Art School in Kokkola in Finland, Holmlund studied textile design at HDK-Valand-Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg Sweden. Now she is based in Helsinki Finland.