The strongest driving force lies in the approach.
The absolute essence and pleasure is in the construction work.

Persistently sketching blueprints.
Organic, geometrical shapes are applied in a rhythmical and structured composition.
Puzzle pieces are added to puzzle pieces.

In search of combinations and connections between given points and applied points.

Points turn into lines and surfaces.
Layer on layer of geometric shapes and patterns.

The geometrical shapes of the jigsaw puzzle create a matrix.
A system of infinitive possibilities through calculation.

The interplay between form, colour, surface and proportion.
Together idea, perception and action make a whole. A structured concept.

Designing allowing material access control.
Recycling of and access to materials imposes restrictions.
Boundaries and framework that challenge and stimulate creativity.

Striving to illuminate and illustrate the carefully processed.

Meditatively and intuitively new possibilities are discovered within function, form and expression.