First Series by SUPER-KRAFT

Art & fashion/ styling/ kite building: Jenny Holmlund
Photo: Johan Eriksson Johan Eriksson Photography
Model: Haifa Jaffel Zaghdane

COAT OF ARMS – the first series – consists of twelve unique sweaters with applications of hand-painted emblems, shields or “heraldic” visual designs for an individual wearer. Each sweater is upcycled and individualized from an already existing garment with the purpose of showcasing pattern, form and fashion in an alternative way.

In the summer of 2020 the series COAT OF ARMS by the artist Jenny Holmlund became part of a collaboration called SUPER-KRAFT between Holmlund and Gothenburg-based photographer Johan Eriksson.

SUPER-KRAFT is their alter ego. The Swedish word “kraft” means “strength” but here it plays on the English version word “craft”. Together these two words stand for endurance; things made by hand and slow movement.
SUPER-KRAFT is an approach: a conscious dialogue about values, sustainable management of our environment, strength through consistency and honesty.

The photo collection is divided into three parts. First, the sweaters appear as kite constructions in bamboo; flying beings connected to nature. Next the sweaters are worn on a body – figurative – sculptural formations emerge from a clean, white studio. In the final part, the designs become independent paintings-like images.

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