Jenny Holmlund is a Finnish concept designer and artist based in Helsinki Finland.
She was born and raised in Vexala, a small village in the Swedish speaking part of Ostrobothnia.

Jenny was brought up in a creative environment with her mother and grandmother dedicated to craftsmanship, her father being a real handicraftsman and her grandfather having built most of the houses in Vexala and in the nearby villages.
She was building tree huts, sewing her own clothes and making stuff out of found objects long before she´d ever heard terms like innovative, design and sustainability.
Growing up Jenny realized she wanted to pursue her aesthetic interests professionally and further sharpen her skills. She pursued her passion for art at the Nordic Art School in Kokkola Finland and later at the Hovedskou Art School in Gothenburg, Sweden. Thereafter she studied at the design school HDK where she graduated in 2005.

After working several years in the second hand business Jenny decided to start her own label focusing on bags, cases and accessories made from recycled materials.
JENNYVEXALA is her label and it was born in 2010. Jenny herself designs and makes everything and she works with leather and different kinds of textile material.
“Prime Number” was her first collection and it was launched in the summer of 2010.
It consisted of 13 large bags. Everyone different from the other.
“Ayc” was the second collection. Individually unique covers for smartphones and tablets, jewellery, caps and clothing: tank tops and jeans jackets.
In further development of the Ayc-concept the highly refined designs from the original series were reworked resulting in twelve motifs in different variations. Each motif exists in a limited edition. The gained amount of recycled materials decides the exact outcome volume of the series.

Jenny has in resent years collaborated with artists within electronic and experimental music such as K-X-P  yatosiba and  Mesak from Finland, Tentakel from Sweden and with the American hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces.
Her expertise is in stage costume, toe table covers and stage backdrops.
Also she has worked as a set designer in the advertising film industry and as a costume designer for theatre shows. Jenny continually freelance in keeping lectures and workshops within her artistic and design expertise.

Jenny Holmlund was based in Gothenburg for more than 20 years. Last autumn in 2020 she moved back to Finland and now lives in Helsinki.

2020 1-year working grant from
2020 1-year working grant from The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland
2018 1-year working grant from The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland
2014 “Best Accessory Designer” at Fresh Fish Fashion in Gothenburg Sweden

2020 “Teleportation” Nordic Culture Point Helsinki Finland
2017 NIPÅ Gallery at Mariehamn Ålands Islands
2017 Rizoma Gallery in Falköping Sweden

2019 “Handmade” Novia Pietarsaari Finland
2005 “Nykläckt”, Västerås Art Museum in Västerås Sweden
2005 Bridgeopening in Svinesund Sweden
2005 Semcon in Gothenburg Sweden
2005 The Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg Sweden
1998 The Market Hall in Linné in Gothenburg Sweden
1997 K.H. Renlund Museum in Kokkola Finland
1995 Town hall in Pieksämäki Finland

2003 – 2005 Academy of Design and Crafts/ Gothenburg Sweden/ Master in Design/ Opponent: Karina Ericsson Wärn
1999 – 2002 Academy of Design and Crafts/ Gothenburg Sweden/ Bachelor in Design
1997 – 1998 The Artschool of Gothenburg/ Gothenburg Sweden
1995 – 1997 The Nordic Art School/ Kokkola Finland
1994 – 1995 Sisälähetysseuran Opisto/ Pieksämäki Finland/ Art and Craftsmanship
1991 – 1994 Nykarleby Gymnasium/ Nykarleby Finland/ A-level